AP European History Extra Study Material

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More Study Materials (Ranked By Quality)

If you prefer other study materials to those previously mentioned, here is a list of some great materials:

More Textbook alternatives

Course Note Outlines. Very thorough outlines notes but might be too detailed in some areas and might lack information in others.

Textbook Outline. Very thorough outlines along with links to quizzes and more material.

More Practice Questions

College Board Packet: Since this packet was made by college board really does mirror the exam and will give you a good feel of the style of questions on the exam.

History Teacher Quizzes: Includes a series of quizzes by topic. The quizzes have  unique format that is not like the orthodox format.

More Practice Exams

Barron’s Test. This exam can be used if all other material has already been used. It does not directly match the information on the AP Exam but can still be very useful.

More Study Guides

Class Notes: Final review style cards

Topic by Topic: Final review style cards

Giant Heap Review Outline: Final review style cards

Alex Gatto’s Midterm Outline: Final review style cards

Study Cards

Fast Review Quizlet Cards: Final review style cards

Detailed Quizlet Cards:  Crash course AP Chemistry playlist

Important Terms Quizlet Cards:  Important Terms and People

More Video Sources

Crash Course Playlist:  Crash course AP Euro playlist

Podcasts with pictures: If you are a visual person this can work well for your. If your not you can convert the videos to podcasts and listen to them whenever you are free.

Main Study Materials