AP U.S. History Extra Study Material

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More Study Materials (Ranked By Quality)

If you prefer other study materials to those previously mentioned, here is a list of some great materials:

More Practice Exams

Barron’s Test. This exam can be used if all other material has already been used. It does not directly match the information on the AP exam but it can still be very useful

Cambridge Quizzes: Recall fact quizzes in a unique testing style.

Topic Quizzes: Topic by topic quizzes so that you can focus only on topics you still need help with.

Chapter Quizzes: Chapter by  chapter quizzes that can be done after the chapter is read.

Brinkley Companion Textbook 1. There are tons of study tools available based on preference through the textbook online guide.

More Study Cards

Quizlet Study Cards: These cards are based on the Kaplan review book.

More Study Guides

Textbook Outline of The American Pageant: Long and detailed outline covering the entire course. Can be used as an ideal textbook alternative because it focuses on important facts instead of extra stories.

Textbook Outline of American History: A Survey: Faster Chapter Outlines based on American History textbook.

Research Yourself Terms with Connections: Shorter Outline which focuses more on key terms. This lacks actual content and acts more as a test to see if you know the terms related to the other terms.

Timeline Cram Packet: Huge cram packet timeline based on all the important events that happened.

Murray Review Study Guide:  This is a detailed study guide with all the key terms and their significance.

More Video Sources

Crash Course Playlist:  Crash course APUSH playlist

Khan Academy Playlist: For Khan Academy fans, this site is very detailed and slowly paced.

Main Study Materials