AP Macroeconomics Extra Study Material

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More Study Materials (Ranked By Quality)

If you prefer other study materials to those previously mentioned, here is a list of some great materials:

More Textbook alternatives

Course Note Outlines. Very thorough outlines notes but might be too detailed in some areas and might lack information in others.


More Practice Exams

Quaia Quizzes: A nice series of quizzes that includes pictures and important details.

1995 Released Exam MC Macroeconomics: This is an actual AP Macroeconomics test that has been released by the College Board. Thus, if all other practice material is used these can be a last resort but they may not be as relevant, now that the exam has been changed. A lot of teachers prefer to use questions from this exam on chapter tests.

More Study Guides

Concise Study Guide: All the important information you need to know

Detailed Study Guide: Another detailed Macroeconomics Study Guide

Ultra Detailed Study Guide: This can be used if one is deficient in one specific area related to the exam

Ultra Detailed Study Guide 2: This can also be used as another textbook alternative

More Study Sets

Quizlet Cards: Final review style cards

More Quizlet Cards: Another set of quizlet cards.

Even More Quizlet Cards: Finally, these are intended as a Final review set

More Video Sources

Crash Course Playlist:  Crash course Economics Playlist.

Main Study Materials