AP Statistics Extra Study Material

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More Study Materials (Ranked By Quality)

If you prefer other study materials to those previously mentioned, here is a list of some great materials:

More Textbook alternatives

Online Stat Book. Very thorough notes in all the different topics with graphs and videos.

Mr. Hollorman Notes: Very detailed notes in every unit and chapter. Also includes great graphs and learning aids.

More Practice Exams

Barron’s Test. This exam can be used if all other material has already been used. It does not directly match the information on the AP Exam but can still be very useful

1997 Released Exam MC: This is an actual AP Statistics test that has been released by the College Board. Thus, if all other practice material is used these can be a last resort but they may not be as relevant, now that the exam has been changed. A lot of teachers prefer to use questions from this exam on chapter tests.

More Practice Quizes

Star Trek Practice Site: Time limit test, resources, and more materials.

Free Test Online: Another similar online test.


More Video Sources

Proffessor RobBob Playlist:  Very detailed and well organized playlist. Really covers all the important material.

Khan Academy Playlist:  For Khan Academy Fans

Main Study Materials