How to use Sugar for Success?

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How to use Sugar for Success?

Why you should always eat dessert first? What is one of the major causes of obesity? How come some people eat sweets and don’t get fat.

When I was young my mom always taught me, eat the healthy food first then eat your dessert. This is a good practice to an extent…

There is a famous Arab saying when something good happens like a baby is born or someone accomplishes something, “Where is the sweet?”

The city of Nablus in the West Bank has always been known for its amazing sweets. People of Nablus ate their dessert before eating their meals and rarely overweight and rarely died of Diabetes. Why?

Sugar subconsciously wires the mind to repeat the action preceding the consumption of the sugar and to do more excess of it. Just like little kids are motivated by candy, adults are by sugar.

Does sugar actually make you fat?

A lot of studies show that sugar makes one fat yet there is no specific metabolic reason with in the body as to show why sugar makes one fat. Similarly studies show that it really depends on the individual. Some eat tons of sweet yet don’t become overweight and others eat a moderate amount and become very obese.

Biologically sugar doesn’t make one fat. However when sugar is eaten after a meal as in the typical dessert after meal style, eating becomes excessively pleasurable and so one ends up eating excessive calories and putting on more weight.

So, what?

If you eat your meals then eat dessert, your mind will be rewired to enjoy eating so much that you become addicted to eating. This is one of the major causes of obesity. For a little kid, this might be a good thing to an extent when you are eating healthy food first but if you’re eating greasy pasta and pizza try to avoid the desert.

Also try to schedule eating sweets right after you do something that you would like to do more of. Let’s say you want to exercise more. Thus, go exercise then eat a light sweet after exercise. Let’s say you want to study more. Go study then eat a light sweet. Avoid eating sweets at any other time during the day to accelerate the effect.

Personally, I recommend eating fruits as a source of sugar and not sugary processed food but both will work in order to emphasize your habit.

Test this out

Are you one of those people who needs to snooze 10 times before actually waking up. This habit can actually be very detrimental to your health as snoozing dilutes sleep and thus causes you to feel slouchy and groggy all day. So how can you get rid of this habit using sugar. This might appear silly but try to practice getting very comfortable in bed then after a few minutes of comfort jump (just like in the movies). After you break this comfort eat something sweet. Practice this habit a few times daily for about 2 weeks and notice the amazing results