What do you want to do with your Life?

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What are you planning to do with your life? Are you happy with how your life is now? Do you think the world can become a better place in any possible way?

Most people are attracted by the conformist ideals of society. In other words, most people live life as everyone else. They live 50, 60, 70, maybe more or less years of just worry, regret, sadness, and lack of satisfaction always seeking for that moment to come when their worries will be over.

The average American spends their first 13 years of life in school studying boring material that he doesn’t enjoy. Then he/she goes to college to study more because 13 years isn’t enough obviously. Then he works hard on his first few years on a job. Out of fear of losing his job, he remains in his job working as a subconscious slave driving to work everyday complaining of his boss and work. Then eager for retirement, he retires and goes to live in a calm life and achieve all his life’s ambitions only to realize that his body has grown weak and sick from all the abuse he has experienced in his past 40 years as he tries to relax.

On the other hand some people are always open to finding smart short cuts and getting things done smarter in life. It’s not the man who works harder with the plow, it’s the man who invents the tractor and uses it who really truly succeeds.

The same works in high school. Some people just know the tricks. They know how to be popular, how to study in a shorter amount of time, and how to make money. So how do they do all of that. Want answers?

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