AP Comparative Government

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Tips Before Starting the Class:

College Board Exam Tips: Directly from the college board website. Here is all the information you need to know to be prepared. Since, the creators of the College Board know most of the test information, almost all of their advice is credible.

Best Textbook Alternatives: (Will Not Lead to Information Overload)

PDF of old version of Ethel Wood’s Study Guide: Although this PDF is of an older version study guide it mostly explains historical background of some of he countries. This background is the most important item to be studied much more important than the contemporary politics or the political terms. This is because conceptually understanding the background will allow you to infer answers to all other future answers and make appropriate predictions regarding them. I would also highly recommend buying the newer version of the book as opposed to the study guide.

Best Books to Buy Now:

For many exams, buying a practice book can make studying for the exam much easier. Some people specifically like the old fashion way of studying materials from a book and being able to take notes. The thing is not all books are good candidates for being prep books. The best books are those whose material matches that of the College Boards material. In many cases prep books might be rushed in order to match specific deadlines. Never rely on Amazon or Google’s ratings as many test prep companies pay those engines to put their material first. For example, although Barron’s test prep is a good company to use, they are always going to appear first on search results because they bid the most to be put up first.

I personally have bought books for all of my AP Exams but I know that one can go by getting a good score without investing in a book for some exams. Even though this may work for other exams it will definitely not work for AP Comparative Government given that a Ethel wood has a great book about it.

My story with Comparative Government:

AP Comparative Government was an exam that I decided to self study along with a few other exams. Unfortunately, with my procrastination high school mentality, I didn’t study for it until about a week before its exam administration time. Fortunately I found a lifesaver. Instead of going at it like other students and just finding any book and start studying, I deeply researched a good book that will take little time to read yet will really allow most of the information to resonate with me. Thus I found this book.


This book is neither a text book or a story, it is a long summary that explains the conceptual history of every one of the six countries that will be assessed on the exam. Once you know the story of every country and understand the conceptual background of how each country got to the point it is now, you will be able to answer any question on the AP exam. This is not a book of facts or work problems like every other book, this is more like a factual story book about every country that will actually make you smarter in answering questions about the 6 countries.

Don’t worry if its a little bit of an old edition the AP Comparative Government is almost never changed.

 Most importantly, don’t forget to let your books accompany you all throughout your course so you don’t procrastinate.

Ethel Woods Amazing Self Study Guide:

  • Covers all the material with a few quick reads
  • Lifesaving last minute strategies


Crash Course AP Comparative Government Booklet:

  • Covers all the material with a few quick reads
  • Lifesaving last minute strategies


Best Places to Study Before a Test

Albert.io Practice Problems: Although you might need to buy a full access subscription to this site, even the preview problems (there are a lot of them) are very effective in testing out individual concepts needed for preparation on the exam. This is ideal practice for MC problems

PDF of old version of Ethel Wood’s Study Guide:  Make sure to read the chapter about the country before the teacher begins to explain it.

Practice FRQs 1: A list of old practice FRQs

Practice FRQs 2: A list of old practice FRQs

A list of great comprehension questions by country:

Best Flashcards

Quizlet Cards: This set of Study cards focuses on knowing some important terms that will continue to pop up throughout the course. They are very minimal so that more time is spent on understanding the material rather than memorizing it.

Best AP Exam Practice Tests

AP Exam Strategies:

College Board FRQs: These FRQs are from former exams. They are top quality material to use for studying because their format and style will match that of the AP Exam.

Outline Notes: This reviews every important comparative aspect on the test.

Score Calculator

Best Study Guides

Webstie Notes: This set of notes contains all the necessary information to easily access before taking the AP Exam. If you still don’t get the information, try some of the videos or seek help from a teacher.

Best Video Series (Use if you ever get stuck on a concept)

Crash Course Videos: All the necessary videos especially for Crash Course Fans.

Exam Format:

55 Multiple-Choice Questions (45 Minutes)

8 Free-Response Questions (100 Minutes)

Exam Date:

Thursday May 17th, 2018