AP English Literature

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Best Textbook Alternatives: (Will Not Lead to Information Overload)

NMSI Notes: These notes from the National Math & Science Initiative are ideal high quality notes that are much more useful than the AP Chemistry textbook. They are detailed enough to include all the information covered in the exam but are not redundant and don’t carry worthless information that the textbook includes. Not only will these notes save you time, they will prevent you from getting into information overload mode and thus better prepare you for the exam.

Best Books to Buy Now:

For many exams, buying a practice book can make studying for the exam much easier. Some people specifically like the old fashion way of studying materials from a book and being able to take notes. The thing is not all books are good candidates for being prep books. The best books are those whose material matches that of the College Boards material. In many cases prep books might be rushed in order to match specific deadlines. Never rely on Amazon or Google’s ratings as many test prep companies pay those engines to put their material first. For example, although Barron’s test prep is a good company to use, they are always going to appear first on search results because they bid the most to be put up first.

Most importantly, don’t forget to let your books accompany you all throughout your course so you don’t procrastinate.

Cliff Notes Detailed Summary:

  • Unique analysis and critical thinking
  • Covers the important aspects of curriculum
  • Detailed and to the point just like the exam

Stop Thinking Excessively and Study Well


Princeton Review’s Crack the Exam Method:

  • Covers all the material with a few quick reads
  • Gets down to the most critical test taking strategies
  • Organized in an easy way that gets you to cover only the topic you may need help on

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Best Places to Study Before a Test

Albert.io Practice Problems: Although you might need to buy a full access subscription to this site, even the preview problems (there are a lot of them) are very effective in testing out individual concepts needed for preparation on the exam. This is ideal practice for MC problems

Companion Resources Tips and Strategies: This site contains all the tips you need for every part of the exam.

College Board FRQs: These FRQs are from former exams. They are top quality material to use for studying because their format and style will match that of the AP Exam.

Best Flashcards

Quizlet Study Cards: This set of Study cards focuses less on memorization and more on conceptual understanding which is the most important thing to review for the AP Exam

Course Hero Study Cards: This is a different set of some varying terms.

Huge Terms List: This is a long term set that can be printed out to study for familiarity..

Best AP Exam Practice Tests

College Board FRQs: These FRQs are from former exams. They are top quality material to use for studying because their format and style will match that of the AP Exam.

Varsity Tutors MC Practice: These MC questions are very comprehensive and match a lot of those used on former exams. They also test both concepts and facts.

Barron’s Test. This exam can be used if all other material has already been used. It does not directly match the information on the AP Exam but can still be very useful

More MC Practice: One additional practice MC exam to get used to the MC format.

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Best Video Series (Use if you ever get stuck on a concept)

Crash Course Videos: Contains videos that might be give you a break from long study sessions.

Exam Format:

55 Multiple-Choice Questions (1 Hour)

3 Free-Response Essays (2 Hours)

Exam Date: May 9th, 2018